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3 Quick tips to suit up for the office and success

3 Quick tips to suit up for the office and success

When it comes to the office place, one key rule of thumb, is that suiting up for your current or desired position and working environment offers a multitude of benefits.

Authority, integrity, trust and your professional abilities are observed, judged and estimated by the way one present themselves.

This concept can easily be identified in fields where trust and professionalism is a core aspect of engaging with clients and business partners. Financial industries may require clients to invest not only their time and money, but their trust. A company CEO will require the trust of partners, investors, clients and staff that they have the required professionalism, skills and authority to lead the business in a profitable direction. Whether you like it or not, your clothing communicates — and it can have a serious effect on your ability to achieve success. The clothes you wear change what people hear you say.

1.Be relate able.

Depending on the occasion or goal for the day, ask your self; “Does my outfit relate to what I need to achieve today?”. If you are attending an important meeting with clients, you need to ensure that your suit is not over dramatic with too many bold colors. Often people respond better to soft tones such a light blue, brown or grey suits, these colors help people to focus on what you have to say. Your suit should not be too ”loud” as this is distracting and often puts a barrier between achieving a level of trust when a level of persuasion is involved.

In other situations, a bold and colorful suit or accessory may be ideal. If you are attending an event where you need to attract the attention of others, should this be to network in a professional or private capacity, bold colors may be ideal as it promotes individuality and curiosity. As a rule, it is always best to add small details to a suit, such a handkerchief, scarf, pin or cuffs. Do not allow yourself to dress like a Christmas tree. Ever.

2. Out with the old. In with the new.

Too often, suits are held onto for years as the memory of the cost involved, or the personal sentiment towards it may seems to great to let go off, even if the fitting or style is completely off. In most cases, you will be causing yourself more harm then good. Wearing an outdated or unfitting suit does not promote professionalism in any way, au contraire. A professional suit is an extremely important investment for any businessman or professional, ensure that your suit is fitting, relevant to your current style and industry. A good suit is a gift that keeps on giving. Investing in a quality suit is investing in yourself. A quality suit will enhance your best features and subdue the lesser.

3. Give yourself options.

Provide yourself with the option of choice. The true power of a good suit can only be tested when you have something to compare it with. The feeling and emotion a suit evokes becomes a loyal and dear friend, such as a sports car is a welcomed relief from your suburban vehicle when you feel the need to tone down formality. They provide different sentiments, different goals and different emotions. The option of choice provides a deeper appreciation for each item, it is an investment in yourself, make it worth it!

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