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Which brands are imported by Geri Boutiques?

Geri Boutiques have been importing top premium Italian, Argentinean, Dutch and American brands to South Africa since 1988. Our brands include authentic Aeronautica Militare items (Italian), La Martina (Argentinian) , Pal Zileri (Italian), Napapijri, XACUS (Italian), Randolph Engineering (American) and TW Steel Watches (Dutch) and more.

Do your stores offer assistance in selecting an outfit?

Geri Boutique stores and our Mono Brand stores have some of the top fashion advisers in stores to assist clients with their purchase selection. Our advisers offer professional assistance in selecting an outfit for any occasion no matter your body type. What sets our staff apart, is that they have a passion for the brands, they have vast experience in selecting items to create a professional look and can advise without hesitance. We understand that your purchase is an investment in yourself, your career and your professional image. We ensure that our clients do not make this journey alone and are on hand to guide and advise.

Why are these brands classified as premium?

Our brand ranges are some of the top premium brands locally and internationally. Items are hand crafted or hand stitched by professionals in their field as well as top quality materials used such a gold threads in the stitching. Each item is unique, and has fine details which mass production items do not offer. A lot of time and love has been put into each item, this offers a truly fine crafted garment which cannot be competed with. You may consider our brands as a piece of sophisticated art you will be wearing.

Where can I buy authentic Aeronautica Militare, La Martina, XACUS, Pal Zaleri, TW Steel Watches, Randolph Engineering, Pal Zileri LAB and Napapijri brands?
Do the brands offer methods of confirming authenticity?

All items displayed on the www.geri.co.za website are 100% authentic collections imported to South Africa directly from the original brands. Luxury is an integral part of our clients lifestyles. Emotions of trust, security, contentment, and confidence are evoked. Treasured luxury brands have a rare and intangible quality of truth to the purchaser. which is a policy we guarantee at all our our stores. Each brand has selected their own unique method of authenticating their items. It is extremely important for this verification methods to be implemented to avoid counterfeiting. La Martina uses a security hologram which is placed on all items, this guarantees authenticity of this product. Product codes will also vary per style. Pal Zileri suits have the exact tailors name and signature stitched into the inside of the jacket to confirm authenticity. You are welcome to contact our stores directly to advise you on the authenticity of your item should it not have been purchased from our stores.

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