La Martina Spring Summer 18 Collection 1 la martina
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La Martina’s Spring Summer ’18 Collection

Introducing the La Martina Spring Summer ’18 Collection

The La Martina Spring Summer ’18 collection shows how the brand is eager to talk to a new younger customer. The collection and product offering is moving towards this direction, speaking a much more contemporary language. The polo tournaments and the sport itself are no longer the only references anymore, but dating back a few seasons, the focus has shifted to the customer who enjoys playing and being a spectator of polo, travelling and lives the lifestyle that goes with the game of polo.

La Martina Spring Summer '18 Collection la martina

La Martina Spring Summer ’18 Collection

The collection has evolved from season to season and offers a much more urban influence with strong single pieces and even core items with more graphic prints. This does not mean that the collection has become unrecognizable but the styles have indeed made a jump into a modern concept of sportswear.

The Spring Summer ’18 Collection is a representation of 3 different countries and cities which play polo. The characteristics are a representation of 3 different attitudes in living, inside and outside the polo field. From the city to the polo tournament, from the English to the American college and back to the city again. La Martina talks to men and women with different tastes and behaviours but with the same background, deeply rooted in polo.

The 3 themes are:
• Argentina (Buenos Aires)
• England (London)
• U.S.A. (New York and Boston)

La Martina Spring Summer '18 Collection la martina

La Martina Spring Summer ’18 Collection

Argentina (Buenos Aires)

This theme is about the effortless elegance of the Argentinian and particularly of Porteños, the citizens of Buenos Aires. It is about the pride for their country, their
capital and for their culture. The colour palette consists of natural tones, whites and the flag – the ‘Sol de Mayo’.

The Argentinian style in the womenswear collection is represented by a sporty casual wear look that resembles Buenos Aires folklore. Compromising of dyed styles, lightweight fabrics for day dresses and linen for shirts. The direction of graphics comes directly from the Argentinian world and reproduces the theme of the ‘firulete’ on several styles.

England (London)

This theme is about the ‘savoir-faire’ but the natural subversion of English men and women. London is the city where two different souls have coexisted since ever: the royalty of Her Majesty The Queen and the most famous and rebellious subcultures in the world. Buckingham Palace vs Camden Town. Basic styles, pastel colours, a clean ‘ironed’ look is twisted with unexpected accessories or outfits.

U.S.A. (New York and Boston)

This theme is about streetwear in one of the purest form – denim. The colour indigo is the main protagonist, as yarn or fabric or just as a colour, with several declinations of washing and garment dyeing pieces.

Besides the classic colours such as white and blue, there is a strong presence of the denim and indigo styles and the ‘stars’ theme is highly shown throughout prints, embroideries over shirting fabric and laser prints made directly over the garments. Also important is the presence of the floral print that enriches the whole group and represents the two flower symbols of the American culture, the white rose and the marigold. The monochrome of the blue and white tones are disrupted with hints of orange.

A staple in every season, the Guards Collection is about military rigor. This season, the tradition and the recovery of historical icons of the Indian colonies, the bajadera stripes as symbols of military hierarchics and turbans from a vanished age inspire the pieces. A huge richness takes inspiration from the natural colors
of the earth and the red of the clay; they become garment dyed pieces and overdyed all over prints. The old traditional block print is reinterpreted through modern techniques of translucent coatings and 3D effects.

Another seasonal staple is the much loved, Maserati Collection, the Spring Summer ’18 co-branding collection between La Martina and Maserati finds its inspiration deep in the heritage of both companies, paying homage to the renewed strong collaboration.

The stylistic features of the clothes, such as sides, cuts, elbow patches, pockets, come from the iconic front of a Maserati or from the car’s silhouette. La Martina translates Maserati’s DNA into 12 styles with new logos, accessories, details and fabrics characterizing the Spring Summer ’18 capsule collection, which goes directly to the core of Maserati and La Martina.

La Martina Spring Summer '18 Collection la martina

La Martina Spring Summer ’18 Collection

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