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AERONAUTICA MILITARE. A style that identifies. The history of our company starts from a distance. A past tied to the craft of woven leather and a present to the world of ‘Italian Air Force giving us permission to use its decorations, badges and banners to create a line of clothing and accessories authentic and original. A strong reminder to the world of military aviation then, able to capture the true flight fans, but also those in search of a distinctive style, strong identity, and not give up the quality of the products she is wearing. Air Force-Private Collection carries the colors of Italy in the world market leader making a mark nationally and internationally unique and original.

The namesake brand “Cristiano di Thiene” started to obtain a foothold in the domestic and international markets becoming synonymous with quality and development as for styling and for the selection of fine leather to be used through more and more innovative tanning techniques. The company is close to the little but historical and glorious airport “Arturo Ferrarin” in Thiene and this proximity helped to create a more and more important partnership between the company owners and the pilots of Aeronautica Militare. Thus, the company has been producing leather jackets for the pilots of Aeronautica Militare and Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale Frecce Tricolori for more than 30 years.

In 2004 Cristiano di Thiene gained a multi-annual exclusive agreement with Stato Maggiore dell’Aeronautica Militare Italiana to market both the clothing and the accessories which are personalized with Aeronautica Militare and Frecce Tricolori patches and logos. Since then, the company has been creating and marketing total look collections for Man, Woman and Junior and has been greatly and internationally supported. The company know-how concerning the styling research and development for the clothing and the accessories goes hand in hand with the logistic control and the internal whole production of high-end leather and shearling clothing.


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