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Whiskey Tasting with Jack Daniel’s at the opening of GERi Boutique Fourways Mall

Thursday the 26th of September marked the ceremonial opening of GERi Boutique Fourways Mall. With the new section of the mall now open, we chose to celebrate with class in honour of a new and exciting journey for GERi.

The night was filled with excitement as guests arrived to the pure taste of Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack and 20% discounts off everything in-store.

Guests were given a fascinating history on the origins and production methods of Jack Daniel’s and a breakdown of its newest label, Gentleman Jack, while they tasted each and compared flavours.

One of the most popular clothing brands in South Africa, Aeronautica Militare, was the most sought-after on the night. The caps have always been loved and this night was no different.

In addition to the luxury Italian brands GERi has always had on offer, the latest brand to fall under the stable is Paul & Shark.

Paul & Shark specializes in sportswear, smart casual, and luxury lines, combining technical fabrics with elegant and stylish details inspired by life at sea.

Before long, the whiskey was flowing and the music got louder and louder. Guests took advantage of the lower prices as they mixed and matched the garments that caught their eye. They all left happy and wished the night would never end.

We’d like to thank Jack Daniel’s for collaborating with GERi Boutique in enjoying a successful evening of fashion and socializing. The next one can’t come soon enough!

Gerry Botoulas and the GERi Boutique Fourways team