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Xacus Gingham Shirt: Your Office Wear Must-Have

XACUS GINGHAM SHIRT: Your Office Wear Must-Have

Whether you’re a young executive or a well-established professional, the gingham check shirt is an essential wardrobe staple.

This check style has made a powerful return to fashion in the last few years. And the reason it has been so successful? Its versatility.

The French call it “Vichy”, after the town where it was first created: a series of small and usually coloured squares on a white background. The size of the squares usually decides the use: larger squares are more for casual, friendly-style looks, while the smaller squares can create an almost solid colour cloth that can be used for more business-like, formal wear.

Gingham men’s shirts also pair well with patterned ties.

The must have: a knitted tie in jersey, in a plain shade or with a few details or geometric patterns, for stand-out style and elegance. And the golden rule? Combine opposites, as long as you use different sizes. So go for ties with wide diagonals over small checks or – if you’re aiming for a bolder look – choose a check tie, but with a much larger design than the shirt, and with a diagonal pattern.

For an office outfit, these Xacus men’s shirts are perfect with jersey jackets and therefore, in a deconstructed fabric that’s easy to wear. If the trousers are a classic style with darts, then this outfit is perfect for meetings and appointments. With younger-looking trousers, these shirts will add a more carefree touch that can be ideal for a casual Friday or in a unconventional office setting.


Our top tip for Winter?

Pair casual fabrics like jersey with your gingham checks for a style that leaves pinstripes behind, but still manages to look very professional because you can be serious in the workplace without being staid.

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